Core Principles and Goals of the IPCRN


Our Goals


  1. Facilitate GP's in maintaining The Medical Council's requirements for professional competence - particularly in in the areas of audit and research.
  2. Enable GP's to become more involved in planned research trial activities in the community.
  3. Enhance collaboration among network partners through access to literature, resources and training materials in research methodology.
  4. Provide General Practice with new applications/tools to audit and manage their patient care.


Our Core Principles

  1. We aim to promote research in Irish general practice for the benefit of patients.
  2. We aim to support clinical audit and professional competence.
  3. We aim to work with GPs and their practice staff to improve data quality and coding.
  4. We only work with anonymised patient data.
  5. We only work with general practitioners that have given consent to participate.
  6. We only work with research or developmental projects that have received ethical approval.
  7. We actively safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of all patient and practice data.
  8. We do not have a monitoring or governance role in terms of national GP processes, targets or indicators.